Custom Made Uniform

PT Citasamit Indonusa provide a wide range of service for national market. Not only for retailing and distributing high quality garments, but also creating customization. Under the brand label “Titterel”, we  accomplishing all of customer’s need, at any kind of model and design, various range of price, the company provide custom made garments (uniform) for many types of business in Indonesia.

Some of the uniforms production :

  1. Suit/blazer for men’s formal
  2. Blazer for ladies
  3. Long sleeve / short sleeve shirt with embroidery
  4. Ladies shirt / blouse / dress
  5. Trousers / pants / skirt
  6. Casual / sport jacket
  7. Uniform for office, bank, airlines, insurance, mining, government (PDH/PDL) and etc.

The company has built a strong partnership with many local, national distribution company, well known government company and also well known fashion designer. As  our commitment to continue providing the best quality of garments, we continue to develop our product, design and service so that we can always deliver the best to our customers.