Arnon Brook Pants Product

Good trousers should direct attention toward the face and help it stand out in the viewer's mind. Trousers should present as smooth and unbroken a path as possible up the wearer's body; the best trousers will be able to retain their sleek profile whether the wearer is moving or stationary, seated or standing.

The perfect pair of trousers should follow the natural shape of a man's body: widest at the waist, tapering all the way to the ankles, with no excess fabric hanging loose or billowing. At the same time, trousers need to be loose enough to allow for movement, and should never wrinkle or bunch around the thighs.

Please check the variety of our trousers product at our stores and counters. We provide best quality, construction and fabric to suit every formal needs.


The Design and Pattern

  • Original slash pocket, 2 rear pocket, belt pocket and key/coin pocket

  • Elegant L-Pocket with 2 rear pocket, belt pocket and key/coin pocket

  • Regular Fit with 2 pleated (semi baggy)

  • Straight Leg, no pleated (basic)


The Fabric

  • 100% Wool

  • Polyester Wool

  • Polyester Viscose

  • 100% Poylester High Twist with Permalose

  • Polyester Cotton