Arnon Brook Suit Product

The men's suit is, without question, the most universal and steadfastly appropriate item in a gentleman's wardrobe. There are few occasions at which a man in a quality suit will be out of place, particularly if the wearer has a firm grasp of fashion and an established personal style. The path to elegant style begins with the suit, the cornerstone of men's fashion.

A man's suit is his statement to the world, a calling card that signals where he is going and where he has been. Wearing Arnon Brook’s suit is a reflection of his willingness to pay attention to detail, from the color and texture of the fabric to the selection of a cut that flatters his figure.

Having complete variety and design to fulfil every customer’s needs. From formal morning meeting to dinner party, from single breasted to tuxedo. All of tailored with high quality in design and fabric, pattern, construction. All to make you stand out of the crowd.

The Design

  • 2 buttons suit

  • 3 buttons suit

  • Mandarin Collar

  • Tuxedo

  • Sport Blazer

  • Zipped Blazer

The Pattern

  • Regular Size

  • Slim

The Fabric

  • 100% Wool

  • Polyester Wool

  • Polyester Viscose

  • 100% Poylester High Twist with Permalose

  • Polyester Cotton