Formal Wear

Men's tuxedos aren't quite the same animal as men's suits, however they do share many similarities. For instance you will notice that they both have options for single and double breasted models as well as mandarin collars.

The main difference between the two is the types of events a person will normally wear a tux to are usually different than the ones a person might wear a suit to. The average office worker will not wear a tuxedo to work, but they might wear a suit.

Also you will notice that some of the accessories differ between suit and tux outfits. While vests might be worn with a suit, a cummerbund certainly will not. Bow ties are also seen more as a tuxedo accessory rather than a suit accessory, (with some exceptions of course). 

Every man should feel like The Man when he is wearing formal wear. 

The formal tuxedo is a great asset for events such as proms, weddings, and black tie affairs. This tux is more regal than the usual tux that you might wear to a casino or to a party on a yacht.

The main difference between the formal tux and your every day tux is the attention to detail that must be used when donning this garment. Wearing this tux requires a little more work but in the end it is always worth it.

Details to pay special attention to are the color, tailoring, and accessories. Always make sure to wear a color that is appropriate for the affair you are attending. Also make sure that your tux is properly tailored and that you have your studs and cuff links on and in the right sequence. 

Tuxedo Basic 

1. The STRIPE 
The tuxedo is descended from a military dress uniform, which explains the stripe down the seam of the pants.

Like suits, tuxedos are offered in single and double-breasted silhouettes. And, as with suits, make sure you're double-breasted build before making yourself a double-breasted guy. Single-breasted tuxedos have traditionally had a rounded, or shawl, collar. While this style has endured and continues to be perfectly acceptable, you can't go wrong with a peaked or even notch lapel these days.

3. The SHIRT 
Wear a well-pressed dress shirt (preferably French cuff). Warning: Wearing a ruffled shirt is a bold move. you don't want to look like one of the Sweat Hogs on prom night.

You can wear either a vest of cummerbund under a single-breasted tuxedo but nothing but a shirt under a double-breasted one. just so you know, the pleats on the cummerbund face up because they're designed to catch any crumbs that may fall. If there's one black-tie component that is truly optional these days, it is the cummerbund. If you do choose to wear a cummerbund or vest, stay away from jazzy patterns like paisley print.

5. The SHOES 
Tuxedos are meant to be worn with tuxedos shoes. you have some flexibility here. Purists will insists on slip-ons, made from silk, velvet, or patent leather. lace-ups will do just fine, just be sure to give them a high shine.

6. The TIE 
Bow ties to be a must, but worn properly, the elegant four-in-hand- especially in silver, white, or black- is a suitable alternative. if you're wearing a bow tie, learn to tie a real one.