-Giorgio Armani- Rules of Style

Clothing is the outward expression of the inner person 
It's important to dress in a way that sends the right message but also looks effortless and natural. wearing clothing that inappropriate to your inner character is the biggest mistake a man can make in terms of fashion.

An air of mystery is a very sensual thing. 
I don't believe that women need to show a lot of skin to be sexy-why reveal to the entire world what is yet to be unwrapped?

Sexy is not a matter of age; it's matter of attitude 
Look at Richard Gere and Annette Bening. have they ever look more beautiful than they do today? being an Italian man of a certain age, I would argue that sexiness increases as you get older. There is something very attractive about experience.

If you're a man lost for style, find a man role model 
Who do you identify with? Are you a Brad Pitt kind of guy? Or do you see yourself more as a Derek Jeter? And go shopping. Men are so afraid of this; it makes no sense.

Growing up in Milan, I went to cinema constantly and was captivated by the impossibly glamorous men that I saw movie stars like Clark Gable, James Dean, and Cary Grant just looks amazing in suit-even when he's being chased by a crop duster through a field of corn. You can learn how to be smooth by watching a man like that.

I believe in adventure in clothing but I do not believe in spandex superhero costumes 

Always take advice of a woman over that of a man 
Men tend to regard your outfits solely in terms of whether they;d wear themselves, but women have an uncanny ability to distance themselves from things like this.

My taste has always been eclectic 
I love Cole Porter, and I love 50 cent. If I need to put myself in a good mood, i go straight for Outcast. I believe the one thing that everybody needs to do before they're through is see U2 alive.

There is a French phrase, nostalgie de la boue . It means to romanticize low culture-literally, "nostalgia for mud". 
That is probably what is going on with Hollywood style these days. young people always want to dress down. I say, why not? experiment now, because as ou grow older, you'll become more set in style, and things will maybe become a bit less fun.

Men have to have the courage to be sexy, to be attractive 
Sometimes men hide themselves. I guess they're afraid that they can't be sexy because they're men.